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 Shenzhen DSD Technology Co., Ltd.DLONS Troncoso news headquarters is located in China. Shenzhen, the company is committed to to consumers around the world to provide creative, exquisite, high-quality innovative 3C products, Troncoso hearing to explore the user really needed, and put into practice and effort, with unique originality and extraordinary quality to customer satisfaction.

Adhering to the fashion and creative product development philosophy, in Trumbull, you can experience the novel design, quality materials, the concept of fashion, the fusion of multi elements that lucent products unique charm, both practical and aesthetic, to give consumers a wonderful, unique experience.

Over the years, Lucent products in fashion design, novel style, excellent workmanship, marketing in mainland China, Hong Kong, the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries and regions, favored by the vast number of consumers. We have a sincere and pragmatic attitude and sincere cooperation with customers all over the world, and strive to mold corporate brand, and constantly offer the global consumers fashion, exquisite, high-quality 3C creative products.

Company vision: to become the top brand 3C digital industry

Core values: innovation, quality, integrity, pragmatic, happiness

Market positioning: flagship high-end products, product category covers mainstream market 3C products, accessories, in 3C protection product market share ranks the highest in the industry.

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